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With a total area of ​​21,812 km², Tsavo is the largest natural park in the country. It belongs to a system of adjacent parks that includes the Chyulu Hills National Park, the Ngai Ndethia Nature Reserve and the South Kitui Nature Reserve, for a total total area of ​​over 23,000 km² (equal to the whole of Tuscany). The park was opened in April 1948 and in May of the same year it was divided, for administrative purposes, into Tsavo East National Park (Tsavo East National Park) and Tsavo West National Park (Tsavo West National Park). The two parks are divided by the road from Nairobi to Mombasa (the A109) and the railway, part of the Uganda Railway built by the British in the late 19th century. Both are administered by the Kenya Wildlife Service. The nearest town is the village of Voi, in Taita-Taveta County, Coast Province. The park takes its name from the Tsavo River, which flows through it.
To the south, it is contiguous to the Mkomazi National Park, in Tanzania, constituting a unique protected area for the protection of the migratory movements of elephants, oryxes and zebras during the rainy season: the union of the two parks constitutes one of the largest and most important protected ecosystems on the planet.

Man Eaters

An exclusive lodge comprising 30 spacious, luxurious tents with private facilities, located on the banks of the Tsavo River, with a wonderful view of the wild land of Tsavo East National Park.

Man eaters lounge
Rustically decorated with plush sofas, the Man Eaters Lounge with its close proximity to the tents and the restaurant its bird eye view of both the pool and river is a wonderful place to relax either while waiting to go off on your game drive or before dinner. We have managed to acquire and put on display a few authentic items from the actual railways time, which add to the mystery and aura of the camp. Take some time to look at the various items on display and immerse yourself in a bygone time. Our reception staff are always happy to talk you through the use and history of each item.
Tsavo river restaurant
With stunning views, romantic ambience and delectable food, the Tsavo River Restaurant is more than a mere dining room. Every meal is an experience in itself. Fine dining in the bush at its very best. Listen to the sound of the river gush past (and the occasional hippo if you’re lucky!) while the highly trained staff take care of your every dining need. 5 course meals and intoxicating wines will leave you full to the brim but already anticipating your next dining experience at the restaurant. A deliciously romantic experience every time!
An upscale, fine dining restaurant amid the backwoods of Tsavo West Man Eaters offers guests a chance to experience Nouvelle continental cuisine with a touch of romance.
Enjoy a tantalizing 5 course meal, in natural ambience while the sound of the Tsavo River sets the mood.
Simba mbili bar
There is no better place to fully take in the raw beauty of the scenery, the luxury of the camp, sip on a cocktail and be awe inspired by your surroundings than the Simba Mbili Bar. On the river bank, by the pool, the bar is the perfect place to cool off and wind down after a hot and dusty game drive or have an aperitif before dinner. With its unparalleled view of the Tsavo River, the Simba Mbili Bar offers a great viewing point to see thirsty elephants coming down for a cool drink, playful antelopes splashing around and even the lazy hippo curiously staring back at you wondering what cocktail you are sipping! Simply breathe taking.
The rock pool
If the tantalizing cocktails have not done a good enough job of cooling you down, why not take a dip in the Rock Pool. Set in the very rocks on which the camp was built, the crystal blue waters are a refreshing oasis from which to sip a drink and watch the sights Tsavo West has to offer. A great place to get a tan and even some magical holiday photos to make everyone back home truly envious!


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