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We love to explore new destinations across the African Continent.

Safari and Excursion is a Travel Agency specializing exclusively in trips to Africa and specifically to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.
Safari and Excursion is increasingly affirming itself as the leader of the destination, not only because it has remained faithful to the choice of planning trips only to this continent, but above all because the beautiful and well-organized trips it offers are always first tried and colluded directly by the team of young collaborators of which the company is formed.

This Is Our Passion

Safari and Excursionr has enriched its proposals over the years with many other African countries, including only in recent years also South Africa, since even the latter country has become truly and completely African.

Tailormade Just For You

We provide special tours
suitable for all needs.

Despite all the logistical and structural difficulties that many countries of this continent present, they are safe and selected journeys keeping in mind all the needs of the international traveler. These are trips designed for those who want to get to know this wonderful continent in the best way, with the best services available, in the most beautiful and interesting places and, very importantly, at the right prices!

Find out all about the African Continent

Safari and Excursion offers 360-degree trips to Africa: group tours and tailor-made trips, honeymoons, adventure trips in the world of ethnicity and ancient African cultures, trips for families with children, solo trips and the best 4×4 safaris.

Great people. Incredible tours. Beautiful Africa.

What Safari and Excursion Can Offer You

Our mission? The satisfaction of our customers!
This is why we at Safari and Excursion are always attentive to the needs of our customers and always present throughout their journey, in this way we can always provide you with all the support you need to make your trip special.

Experienced guides

Certified Guides, Tour Guides, always by your side.

Flexible Cancellation

Your serenity is important, we always have the solution.

Customer care

H24 You always have your Travel Assistant available for your every need.


Emergency personal medical helicopter transport, valid for 30 days.

Suitable for large groups

With family or friends always with maximum safety.

photography tours

We will show you places and things that you have only imagined until now.

advanced trips

We create and design fantastic exclusive trips according to your requests.

Free Bottle

a splendid thermal bottle, sponsored by safari, free for every customer.











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